Personal data protection policy – Castings bulldog tv

Personal data -such as text, photographs, videos or other files or information – which the applicant provides or will provide to BULLDOG TV SPAIN, S.L. (“BULLDOG TV”) – both that the applicant initially provides and those he provides as a result of a request for additional information by BULLDOG TV – by means of: (i) a form (the “Form”) to which is attached or which accompanies this Personal Data Protection Policy (the “Policy”); (ii) by mail, by Whatsapp, by Messenger, by private message through social networks or otherwise; (iii) a casting process, personal interview, video call or proof of camera (which can be recorded); as well as notes and evaluations made by this production company (together, the “Data”), will be integrated into a personal data file (“the File”) being BULLDOG TV the owner and responsible parry thereof, with CIF nº B-87325205 and registered office and basis of operations at C/Orense 58; 10th B, 28020 Madrid. BULLDOG TV is dedicated to the production and exploitation of television shows and audiovisual productions in general. The applicant aiming to participate in the casting processes of BULLDOG TV shall be called the “Applicant”. In accordance with the provisions of the applicable regulations BULLDOG TV informs the Applicant of the following aspects:

1. Data Protection Officer

The Data Protection Officer of BULLDOG TV will be the person responsible of the Legal Department, and you can contact him/her via email: . The Applicant may use the previous email to address to BULLDOG TV with questions or complaints regarding with its data processing, as well as to exercise its rights in accordance with the provisions in the present Policy.

2. Compulsory or Optional nature of Data

Compulsory data will be identified as such each time they are requested. The compulsory data will never be of sensitive category. The refusal to provide compulsory information, the withdrawal of the consent to the treatment of the same or the exercise of the opposition or limitation rights of treatment in connection with such compulsory information could prevent or hinder the participation of the Applicant in the selection and casting processes carried out by BULLDOG TV.

3. Special categories of data

Sensitive data may be integrated into the File, depending on the fields of the Form that the own Applicant decides to fill (which are not in any case compulsory, as indicated above), or the information that the own Applicant provides in the Form, the videos, emails, whatsapps, casting/interview/camera test or otherwise. For clarification purposes, not filling in non-compulsory fields of the Form, or the non-provision of data not marked as compulsory, in no way prevents or hinders the participation of the Applicant in the process of search for candidates for BULLDOG TV´s productions. As a result of the foregoing, any non-compulsory field on the Form filled out by the Applicant, or any information provided verbally or otherwise by the Applicant through videos, by email, by whatsapp or casting/interview/camera test, is information provided by the Applicant freely and by his/her own will and initiative, without any pressure or coercion from BULLDOG TV to provide such information.

The File can integrate health data that the own Applicant may provide voluntarily (without, in any way, being obliged to do so), to the extent necessary to assist him/her properly during his/her attendance to the casting process or during the recording and production of the Program (e.g. needs for special access, needs for wheelchair access, needs for special medical attention, etc.). Such information in any case will not be disclosed by BULLDOG TV in the program (unless the own Applicant communicates it before the cameras), and the medical or health information will be used solely to the extent necessary for the proper care of and assistance by the Applicant during its participation in the program.

4. Purpose of the processing

The Applicant authorizes that the Data are processed by BULLDOG TV with the sole purpose of: (i) Evaluating his/her candidacy in the selection processes and castings carried out BULLDOG TV, both present as future, both referred to the program in which the Applicant has initially wanted to participate or to any other that BULLDOG TV can produce or develop; (ii) Allowing the participation of the Applicant, at the sole discretion of BULLDOG TV, in any audiovisual productions and television programs carried out BULLDOG TV, present or future.

The legitimate legal base of the treatment is the desire of the Applicant to participate in the processes of selection and casting carried out by BULLDOG TV, in the terms provided herein. The participation of the Applicant in the selection and casting processes of BULLDOG TV does not imply in any case any obligation from BULLDOG TV to effectively take into account any Applicant in this process, nor any obligation to call him/her for interview/casting/camera test and of course no obligation to select him/her to participate in any program.

5. Recipients of information and international data transfers

The Applicant authorizes that BULLDOG TV transfers Data to its group companies, as well as the television broadcaster or platform that commissions to BULLDOG TV the production of the program in which the participation of the Applicant is proposed or in which the Applicant will participate, for the sole purpose of: (i) managing the participation of the Applicant in the selection or casting process of the program in question and in the process of approval of Applicants by the television broadcaster; (ii) managing the participation of the Applicant in the production and exploitation of the program, if necessary. Such third parties may be located in third countries, even in those countries where the Law does not require a level of security adapted to the criterion of the EU Commission or the Spanish Data Protection Agency, and, in particular, in the United States. In the case that the assignee is MEDIASET SPAIN COMUNICACION, S.A., the Applicant may exercise its rights vis-a-vis Mediaset by means of the address: .

Data may also be transferred to Microsoft in the U.S. and other countries within the framework of the licensing of software, services and accommodation in the cloud (Office 365 and Azure) contracted with the company (either directly by BULLDOG TV or by the corresponding provider of computer systems and storage) while in charge of the treatment, international transfer which has been approved generally by the Director of the Agency of Protection of Data.

6. Data maintenance period

Data will be maintained in BULLDOG TV systems as a rule for a period of five (5) years from its collection, unless there are potential liabilities that require to keep them for a longer period, and in any case no longer than the expiration of the period of such responsibilities. Before the expiration of the period of five (5) years, BULLDOG TV may get in touch with the Applicant to renew his/her consent in the case he/she is still interested in BULLDOG TV keeping his/her Data in the File for the authorized purposes.

7. Exercise of rights

The Applicant shall be entitled to the following rights, in accordance with the applicable legislation:
(i) Access;
(ii) Rectification;
(iii) Deletion (“right to be forgotten”);
(iv) Limitation of the treatment;
(v) Opposition;
(vi) Portability,
(vii) Right to withdraw consent;

The Applicant may exercise the above rights through written communication to BULLDOG TV´s Data Protection Officer (head of the Legal Department) through the following email address:, identifying himself/herself as Applicant in a selection or casting process of of BULLDOG TV, providing a photocopy of its identity card or equivalent document and specifying its particular request. In the case of exercise of the right of rectification, the same shall be exercised providing the rectified or updated information. In case of withdrawal of consent, deletion or opposition, in no case this fact will affect the lawfulness of the processing based on the consent previous to the withdrawal or to the request for deletion or opposition. This will be without prejudice to the provisions of paragraph 2 in relation to the compulsory data. At any time, the Applicant is entitled to file a complaint before the Spanish Agency of Data Protection.

8. Commitments of the Applicant in terms of Data Protection

The Applicant undertakes to:
(i) Provide up-to-date, accurate and truthful information.
(ii) Inform BULLDOG TV of any modification to the provided information, through the procedure for the exercise of the right of rectification.
(iii) The Applicant warrants that he/she is 18 years or older. If the Applicant is less than 18 years old, he/she must not provide personal information to BULLDOG TV under any circumstances or by any means.

The Applicant will respond before BULLDOG TV or third parties for breach of the above obligations.

9. Third parties Data provided by the Applicant

In the case that the Applicant provides to BULLDOG TV personal data of members of its family and/or other related persons, he/she will be responsible to inform and obtain the express consent of such persons for the treatment of their personal information. The Applicant guarantees that it will be in any event information of persons above 16 years old, or otherwise, that he/she has the informed consent of the person´s parents or guardians for the communication of information to BULLDOG TV in the terms provided here.

10. Security measures

BULLDOG TV guarantees that it has adopted the technical and organisational measures to ensure and be able to demonstrate the safety of the personal data, preventing its alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access; in a way appropriate and appropriate to the risk and taking into account the state of technology, application costs and nature, scope, context and treatment purposes, as well as the risks of likelihood and severity variable for the rights and freedoms of natural persons. In particular, and given that the Data may include particularly sensitive data (by have been voluntarily provided by its own initiative of the Applicant, as described above).

11. Internal Code of the Personal Data Protection

BULLDOG TV has an Internal Code of Personal Data Protection in which outlined the measures taken to ensure compliance with the applicable legislation on data protection, as well as processes, protocols and principles to be followed by employees and BULLDOG TV providers who have access to personal data. BULLDOG TV carries out training sessions to its employees and collaborators regularly (and in particular the new additions) on protection of personal data.

12. Consent of the Applicant

By sending his/her Data to BULLDOG TV via web, or by other means, sending a filled Form, sending photos, videos or other information, by the own initiative of the Applicant, by email, by Whatsapp or otherwise, or to accept via web or sign this Data Protection Policy, as the case may be, the Applicant is consenting to the processing of its personal data in the terms provided in the present Policy.