Digital Productions

Since its creation, Bulldog TV has produced original formats aimed at young audiences for the platforms Mtmad and Mitele Plus. For example, more than 200 episodes of “Ultravioleta” (with influencer Violeta Mangriñán), the daily talk show “Sobreviviré” (hosted by Nagore Robles), as well as reality shows with the main TV celebrities of the moment.

We have gone through all genres, such as the horror reality show “Celebrity Game Over” (2 seasons produced), the reality show about couples in crisis “Por Siempre o Jamás” (2 seasons produced), and the dating show “24 horas para Enamorarte”.

At Bulldog TV we continue our commitment to entertain the new generations, with the celebs that the public demands, but adapting to the new forms of entertainment consumption (Mobile, Tablets, Apps TV…).